Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lafleche Caves, Gatineau Area, Quebec

On a recent visit to Lafleche Caves, I was surprised to find that I discovered more than bats and a little claustrophobia - but a multitude of spirits! I couldn't wait to share this with you. If you are interested in the website of the cave, please click here for their official website.

First, the pictures:
To the left is a map of where the caves are. To the right is a picture of the opening of the cave.

At first, I didn't see any ghosts at all, maybe because I was focusing more on adjusting to the darkness. We were with a tour of school children (if you book a tour, try booking it with a lot of adults, less screaming and what not.. hehe). Then, after the steep ascent up some very difficult steps (more of a ladder, although I have a physical disability - my friends found it pretty easy), I began to sense them all around me.
First and foremost, there was a little person. At first I thought it was a very short adult that had snuck onto the tour, but as I noticed they seemed to travel through the cave walls - I soon realized that it was a spirit. It was very perplexed that I could see it, I think it was a male - a hunter, a very old hunter from the turn of the 20th century.
Next, I could sense a younger spirit, which later the great tour guide informed us might have been a little girl who passed away in the cave - before the current management, now they have helmets and security measures. After my trip to the cave, I did a meditation on the younger spirit, and saw a thin - very blonde - little girl, with trauma to the head, collarbone, and an arm or a leg - it was hard to tell. She was happy and playful, and wore a pink sweater and blue pants, white sneakers, and cute little white and pink socks. I asked her why she stayed there - to this she responded "the Bats". And she was done talking with me. In the cave there are adorable tiny bats, (which my friend took pictures of - click here to visit the site, and see her great photos of the cave) so I am assuming the little girl either protects them, or enjoys their company. Spirits can sometimes hang around between this world and the next (they don't have to make a choice, they can travel from one place to the other) and become enamored with certain objects, beings, or places. In hauntings, the spirits can become overprotective, too territorial, or just plain greedy - and want to drive any threats to their status quo away.
The spirit that struck me the most was an old man in the exit chamber - the largest chamber that holds the natural ice sculptures in the wintertime. He wore a helmet, and sat on a rock. He had white hair, wore glasses or goggles, had blue eyes or blue-aqua, and seemed to really love it that we were there. He seemed to love that the kids enjoyed it so much, and he also enjoyed the tour guide's words, listening to him with great interest - even though he'd heard the story many times over. He wore a dark parka (blue I think), and dark pants, and was a very positive spirit. He had a great attachment to the cave. Upon exiting, I told the guide about this man, to which he suggested that it might be Mr. Lefleche himself, who really wanted the cave to succeed and be seen. I felt that this was correct, as the spirit seemed pleased with that.
When the guide talked about the hotel that was on the premises before, I felt some angry spirits, I'm not sure why - I wasn't able to contact the spirits much more. One was Native American, very tall, and wore a light brown leather jacket/coat. Very soft coat. The other was a French-Canadian male, around 5"8 with a ruddy complexion, he was missing his left front teeth, and had short brown hair and aqua/green eyes. Those were the stronger of the spirits that were upset at the mention of the hotel.
This cave is certainly a spiritual hotspot, and I look forward to seeing it again. I haven't felt this level of activity in years, the sheer strength of the spiritual energy was felt all around the grounds of the park. This hidden gem is on my list of places to photograph for spirits. If you visited my friend's website, there is one picture where there are so-called "orbs" - I usually don't subscribe to this idea, but since the photo was taken in the room with the highest level of activity - I may just change my mind.

- This article is posted with the permission of the Lafleche Caves management :)