Sunday, March 29, 2015

Testing, testing, 1,2,3!

Apologies for missing my weekly post (been trying to post every Friday but the app I was using crapped out, so now I am using another app.) This is a post in progress - I wanted to post something soon to keep up with my Friday posting time (near it) and now you can see what I am working on!

As I mentioned in last Friday's post on Lucid Dreaming (Part 1) - I recently purchased a so-called 'mind machine' and it arrived a few days ago much to my excitement. This type of machine, so you don't have to go back to the other article, modifies brainwaves using light and sound. Here's a pic of the one I got...

 (my new program sucks right now, I am sorry for the lack of photo..)

I blurred out the name as I don't advertise for free, especially before I have had a chance to use it and research enough to endorse it. This is one of the budget units but from what I read, it all does the same stuff, some just have more bells and whistles.

 Primarily I got this to help reduce pain and relax myself. The glasses have LEDs that flash light in varying speeds, patterns, and colour. The headphones make a beeping, pulsing sound. The controller lets you select what program you want to use, the volume of the sound, and the brightness of the light.

  Why am I showing you this? Well I am quite interested to use it and measure what effect (if any) it will have on my ability to see spirits, hear them, communicate with them, etc. A test, experiment, trial. It is also a good lead in to the Lucid Dreaming Part 2.  I want to if I either slow down or speed up my brainwaves: will it change my extrasensory perception? I will do more experiments in the future as this is just a little test.   

 Hallucinogens and other mind altering drugs have long been used in the quest to contact the dead. From fungus to synthetic compounds, even secretions from animals, it has been a long and crazy road for us humans. Now non-medicated biofeedback has long been used also, in trances for example and meditation, to do the same. It all comes down to changing our perception and states of consciousness. I am not going to do weird drugs. I do not condone the use of them, but I also do not think people who go that route safely and reasonably should be punished. With binaural beats, isochronic tones, mind machines, strobes, etc - there is a way to get into certain mind sets without drugs and without dangerous side effects if you know what you are doing. Use at your own risk, be careful my friends.

 I truly want to find out what is better for contacting spirits the most effectively: Intense Beta Waves, Mellow Alpha Waves, or  Sleepy Theta Waves. Beta is the wave you are in when you are stressed, alert, it is very common especially in our cultures' fascinating frenetic pace. Alpha state is when you are mellow, centered, meditating, truly relaxed but still aware. This is the place I usually aim for when I contact spirits, after nice meditation to center myself and be ready for frightening moments, etc. It is also how I have been taught. Theta waves represent a state of dreamy sleep, it is hard to be conscious when you are in this state but with some hard work I want to try and get there and record what I say - as I have often had amazing encounters in this state.. and I want to know if what I saw was dream or the perfect place to be to contact the deceased. Here we go!   For each, I will be asked questions I have no way of knowing to test for an extrasensory eve. I will compare the outcome's success rate in each section. I will post the results in the following section:  

 1. High Beta Waves
 2. Alpha Waves
 3. Theta Waves

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Greetings, fellow open minded beings and all round awesome folks!

So I have some big plans for Dead Conversations. It is one of the positive, motivating factors in my life even during the worst part of my illness. Your letters and readership mean so much to me and continue to be a source of healing and hope. I want to get more involved and bring more content and experiments and different media such as videos and photographs and such.

So here's what I am working on:

Guided Meditation Audio/Video by myself - basically tools I have found helpful to developing and opening the senses necessary for spiritual contact and the Connected Inside. Explanation! When I am in deep openness of mind and spirit, there is a place my mind and senses go that allow me to see such amazing things: some call it the Astral Plane, others call it the Ether, Universal Consciousness, some call it a Psychic Highway (I like that description!) and others make up allll sorts of names and descriptions of so much variety and great poesy and wisdom that blows the mind. For me, I try not to label things, but labels are good for communicating and so I will use something that feels right to me: The Connected Inside. It is so deep inside consciousness, at the barrier between conscious and subconscious - and yet it is connected to so much. From what I have read, the countless articles, books and sacred texts - it seems to connected to the Collected Consciousness / Universal Consciousness but also it accesses the deepest, oldest part of yourself and purest part of yourself. Sometimes I spend way too much time there, but I always find something, some tidbit of life changing information or perspective change or spiritual connection. I want to share this and help in your quest for spiritual awakening. My quest is never done, I don't think there is such a thing as an end to it, not as an embodied soul - but that is only opinion.

Representation of Auras and Spirits - I have been asked and I'd like to show you what I, personally see, with the caveat that auras are hard for me. Why they are hard is that when I am about to have a migraine (can be daily, weekly, monthly) - I also see haloes, which are glowing lights people see in the beginning phases of migraines. So Sometimes I am unsure as to what I am seeing.

Forum for you to connect to others in the same or similar quest for the hidden worlds.

Reader Mail segments where I answer mails on the website itself. I have issues balancing letter-writing and writing of this journal AND the medical treatments I need to do daily - It has long been suggested that I do letters on here.

Facebook and Twitter accounts, if the forums don't work out as well as I hope. I am not one for big site socialization, as anything you say can be used by those companies.. I really dislike that. I would hate for your privacy or intellectual property would be stolen. The thing I like about this blog is that it is a cozy family, a trusted space for me and hopefully you. Twitter would seem to be useful to announce new posts, hopeful live-streams one day, and videos etc for those who use it often.

Lastly, experiments! My favourite thing! An example of an experiment is to get some sensory equipment while I am in the same room as a spirit, or while I am doing a reading - to see what is set off, and what is not. Another example would be trying to connect with a historical figure, or doing past life investigation.

Today I think I might actually finish a video today, and if so - I will add a link when I finish!

Thank you for reading. Have a sweet day!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Increased Spiritual Activity

I like to have connections with spiritual people around the world in order to have a network of senses for times of increased or decreased spiritual activity. It gives me a good sense of the ebbs and flows of either spiritual forces or the human perception of those forces. One big thing about my research into spirits is that I try to see it from many perspectives to understand them and what souls really are - my main intellectual focus in this time I have here in a body. My, and dare I say OUR main purpose is to learn, help others learn, and to love. In this article (which I wrote already but it was rudely deleted by happenstance), I want to talk about preliminary findings of my experience with this web of senses, and also my personal experiences with increased spirit activity. First off, clarity of communication is required, I think.

In order to describe spiritual concepts to the fullest, I want to define the words or phrases I use which cause me concern. Part of this is to describe my experiences accurately so that you may delve into them, and without elucidation of some abstract feelings or concepts I will use in this article, I would fail miserably. Definitions can vary from post to post, and when they do, or when I want to update them, I will have a definition list.

Spirits: Non corporeal phenomenon associated with Earthly life. That is, our bodiless souls and that of animals and other life on Earth.
Spiritual Activity: Changes, either rapid or slow, sensed in spirits. This can be movement, communication, changes in projected appearance, changes in mood, or even the type of communication - are they showing me images or using a direct flow of thoughts?
Movement (when used with the term spirits): although it seems like spirits can be in many places at once, including the commonly used term "Other Side" with its revolving door (so to speak) - sometimes spirits move in this world as if they were still living - ie. walking down a street or walking up stairs etc. I use movement in this Earthly context.
Other Side: A place where spirits can be that is ostensibly not on Earth but seems to be like a shared creative place. What you wish can be made to a certain extent, and many spirits go there to meet each other. I have been privileged to be shown this place and it is the most beautiful place I have ever witnessed. It seems to be a meeting place, a world that is beyond massive and has a perfect, dreamlike quality of eternal peaceful creativity and sunshine and grace. I like to call it Heaven as it seems to fit the bill. I have spoken to many people that have seen the same place and it fills me with joy that when my education here on Earth is done, I will get to walk there as opposed to just being shown.
Spiritual Abundance: A grouping of spirits much larger than what is normal for the area, time, date, etc.
The Web: A group of trusted people around the world that let me know when spiritual energy is high, spiritual activity is higher, and unusual spiritual phenomenon is witnessed. I find trust when they are consistently on par with the rest of the web nearby etc.

The Web
Although I would like to have more people in the Web*, the small group already has given me insights into the spiritual world. I am so grateful to those who are giving invaluable advice on the subject.
Spiritual Activity ranges from barely visible to impossible to ignore, and can be terrifying or beautiful or even funny or cute. I have often watched spirals of joyful spirits congregating and finding happiness in groups and in the sensations of their mingling. It makes me so happy that others have seen this too and revelled in it as I have on many occasions.
A friend in South East Texas and one in Orange County, Florida recently observed a long chain of spirits - flowing from coast inland. One saw this as a single spirit, the other as a group of spirits - but they both observed the strange and massive energy at the same time! A friend in Yugoslavia witnessed increased spiritual energy - a feeling of dread and warning - just before a friend in Japan felt the very same thing, both felt it again the next weekend. I couldn't find anything in the news like an accident or abnormal news story, and neither of them sensed more than that dread. To my knowledge, neither of them had felt that before or since. Maybe these events will share no earth-shattering secrets, but they let us know things that may help in our understanding of spiritual existence and behaviour. Like pieces of a puzzle in which the final image is unknown.
One thing I have learned through the Web so far is that spirits can travel in our physical world. They can move like weather systems or migrations of animals, sometimes with clear purpose.. others baffling. A group of spirits was over England and France for the better part of a year! Why? Who are they? Were they watching humans like a reality TV show.. or watching loved ones? Or perhaps there are groups of spirits like this all the time and they mostly go unnoticed. Questions! The more questions that lead to questions, the better. Getting a plain answer is just no fun ;)
I have often read about groups of spirits being present for sporting events, especially grand do's like the Olympics (including special and para), the Grey Cup, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup playoffs, World Series, etc. Or around accidents or battlefields, hospitals, inaugurations and coronations, even around the filming of a movie!
And so, as I find helpful many times, I put myself in the shoes of a spirit. They, like their corporeal neighbours (us), are curious. Humans are still humans once dead - I mean sure there are grand changes° like a second, more drastic puberty, but they are still humans. Some are rubber necks and want to see what happened in an accident, just like some humans, or they want to help the newly dead•, or even try and help the living in the accident by swaying others to find them or change a detrimental treatment. Humans also love to be entertained, and as I have posted before (The Importance of Entertainment and Theaters ) dead humans are no different in that aspect. Sure they have new, unimaginable to us, entertainments such as blending thoughts and creativity - but there are things like good old movies and sports and theatre and concerts and so much more here on physical Earth that never seem to outgrow their awesome appeal.
More to come on how to join the Web, not sure when but I am doing my homework on forums etc. I would have to set up ads or donations to keep a good forum going however.

Personal Experiences with Increased Spiritual Activity
Throughout my life I have seen spirits in small numbers and massive numbers. From seeing only a spirit or two a week to beholding a countless mass of individual spirits in a single hour or day.
Recently, as it inspired this post, I saw a rise in spiritual activity and abundance - I went from seeing a surprisingly low number of uncommunicative spirits to a large group of talkative and quickly changing spirits. This event occurred Friday the 30th of January 2015. Locally, I could not find anything that day, before it or after it that would drum up spiritual activity. Globally, well most spirits are immensely agitated. I don't want this to be about the warring going on, perhaps I will do a post about what spirits think about this war but it's pretty straight forward - violence creates violence and damages souls. People who gladly die in their cause find the afterlife unpleasantly haunted by their past deeds. As a spirit reads the words I type, he says, "always war continues without because it continues within."
Sometimes it's the time of year. The period between mid October and mid November has always been a time of increased clarity of my communications with them, also increase activity. Never fails. I have spoken to others that agree and sense the same. World cultures have found this period to be the 'thinning of the barriers between the living and the dead' - a time when spirits can be seen or felt more heartily. I have often pondered why. Is it because of Harvest Time in the Northern Hemisphere? When Harvest is done, there is more time to turn the mind inward, time to think about life and what life's harvest will be. Is it the reminder of death from deciduous trees shedding their leaves? But some Souther Hemisphere countries feel the same increase at this time. Is it due to the Earth's position around the Sun? Or is it something more? Perhaps our minds are turned to the coming Winter and the hardships therein, and we are more apt to pray for help? I don't know, what I do observe is that that period of time increases the clarity of communications, the clarity of my perception of spirits, and I gain and lose more energy** from communications.
When I am in too much pain to bear, I notice spirits will generally flock to observe, help lessen the pain through contact°°, or even try and distract me from the intense pain.
When there is a death nearby (car accident, hospital patient, etc) - spirits will congregate - I sense their communication, a welcoming feeling, a feeling of relaxed calm, everything is alright.. and best of all, of reunion. Blessed reunion with long dead family members and friends.. and pets. What a wonderful universe we live in where death is merely a "see you later" and not a full goodbye. I don't want to bring my religious beliefs into this, as I want you to just experience what I experienced, not the beliefs of my faith. I am to reverent of it to ask spirits more about such things.
Increased spiritual activity reminds of of a flock of crows, marking where death may be but not always. Sometimes it is an item of curiosity. Sometimes it is a congregation of beings. Sometimes entertainment. I just wanted to share the image, although I am not saying that spirits of humans have less intellect or whatever.
Sometimes increased spiritual activity is seen within a single spirit.. When I ask a question they don't want to answer or a question they were hoping you'd ask, spirits can change their energy from slow and nebulous to moving faster than hummingbird wings as they beat to stay in air. Changes in speed of communication, changes in volume of communication both intensity wise and bulk wise of content.
Sometimes, a spirit is upset, and can change from being a flicker in your peripheral vision to full manifestation. Spirits do not manifest willy nilly, it is major concentration and intense intent for being seen. It is a message in itself, and in scary encounters, it almost always means get out. I call it the GTFO Stare ;) . This is what typically happens in hauntings of homes when it was a previous owner. This is its territory and it wants you out. Manifestation (in physical form viewable by anyone) is another subject I would like to share, perhaps the rarest spiritual activity of all.
In joyful encounters, manifestation's message is often much nicer.. although there are spirits that have no idea what they look like to views and malicious hauntings can be inferred from such a benign intent. So instead of you seeing a cute little girl waving and being kind.. you see a small humanoid shape with black holes for eyes and no lips! I have had panic attacks seeing such spiritual communications, sometimes running away much to my later regret, but I am still trying to be brave and patient with them. Think about it this way - you are pure spirit and can show yourself to a living human (who may or may not believe in ghosts) but you must concentrate your consciousness into a form by willfully concentrating on each part all at once.. but your time is limited as the person you want to show yourself to might leave any minute. Arms, check. Legs, check. Dress, check. Hands and feet, check. Okay time to wave or smile.. oh crap.. I forgot lips, I forgot eyes.. ears.. oh dangit.. Sometimes spirits will correct themselves quickly enough to relax the living person.. sometimes they'll be confused and won't know what they forgot. Why was the person screaming? Don't they see you're their long lost sweetheart? Rude! Most spirits stay away from manifesting as it often is more trouble than it is worth. As a fun exercise, try picturing each part of yourself, then try smiling meanwhile thinking of all the changes in the face that smiling creates.. and you will begin to truly understand why some spirits smile but have a blank expression on their face. Moreover, try other things like walking, talking, etc. This gives us a great understanding of why spirits are scary or off-putting when manifested, and explains a great deal of why most try to just show an image of something like a symbol of letters etc instead of full body motion. Some spirits have it down pat, though.

A Few More Words
There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of reasons spirits change their activity level, from a local death to a global trouble, from a wrongly worded question to a joyful moment, from manifestation to a period of thoughtlessness. Sometimes it can be as simple as being excited by an event, person, or comment, and other times it can be complex and as yet unknowable. I have shared some observations and I look forward to add more friends to observe around the world, and I am always glad you take interest in my humble writings. At the core, it is a weight lifted when I share these things, it's akin to knowing an amazing secret and not being able to tell anyone for fear of hatred, rejection, or cruelty. The internet is a boon, a pre-spirit form that lets us communicate in ways that were once impossible unless you were a spirit. The time we have here to learn in physical form is of the utmost importance, and gathering together in shared interest is a wonderful way to learn. As always, I thank you for your letters and again - as always, it can take even years for me to reply depending on my illness and workload - but, again that word always, I cherish each letter dearly.

*I am currently setting up a type of forum where spiritual activity can be shared, but finding a way to keep spammers and the aptly named "trolls" out is a deep concern of mine.

°Changes such as no hunger, no thirst, no physical pain, no nagging hormones, no sleep - of course this is a leap of observation. I have known spirits to lust after other spirits and humans, to hunger at the sight of a cake, to feel some sort of pain and have a kind of sleep.. It's just different as far as I can tell. I am still asking and asking them, when they'll have me.

•Being newly deceased can be an extremely confusing time. It seems to greatly help to see other spirits when you are newly dead in order to realize that you are indeed dead. One of the tragedies of spirits is when someone thinks they are still alive, it can take much time to realize without the aid of others. Family usually helps, but if no one knows you that is dead, there isn't always a helpful spirit to find you right away - although it usually starts to be extremely plain when they are unseen by other people. This doesn't happen often, and it all seems to work out in the end.

**Communicating with spirits can either give me energy or take it. I do not know the cause but I have some ideas - such as some readings require more concentration, some readings are depressing emotionally, some readings are uplifting, some readings give me hope for the cure for my illnesses, etc. When I say energy, I mean the difference between feeling energetic and feeling fatigued, not some otherworldly force or light or sensation.

°°There is a spirit close to my heart who will put his large hand on my back as he did when he was alive, I feel this amazing sensation - like a bright sunbeam that doesn't burn mixed with joy and peace. It's amazing and wonderful and ah! so inspiring. He isn't always paying attention to me, he has many others in the family to look after lol, but when my pain is nasty enough, he just seems to sense it and comes to my aid.

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Monday, February 02, 2015

Missing Posts

The last three posts I have written have been deleted or disappeared. I don't attribute this to spirits, nor do I attribute it to only computer error. When I am tired I forget things like multitasking on tablets can sometimes lose me a great amount of writing! That, and I need to save more often. Apologies and I will get some posts out this week, I hope ;) Thank you for being a reader :)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Tower of London

When I was a child of nine or ten, I visited the Tower of London, amongst other amazing places. The juxtaposition of a beautiful prison with a history of nightmares and a museum of wonders baffled me at the same time as the spirits within chilled and amazed me.
Early on I realized that other kids don't see spirits - and as I got older and older, many reacted badly to me speaking about seeing spirits. So I had a strange relationship with spirits. Vacillating between thinking I was nuts and knowing I was seeing incorporeal humans- I kept it mostly to myself and tried to forget a lot of what I saw which disturbed me. Of course, now I know as an adult that trying to forget often makes the memories even deeper. The Tower being one of those places I tried to put into the "forget" category.
I saw as many spirits as I saw tourists on this busy day. People walked right through the spirits every minute - causing the static feeling from this meeting of spirits - the spirits sometimes greatly angered for a moment but returned to their duties. Guards, prisoners, officials, royals, deceased tour guides even - ancient and recent - all going out their days as if time bore no meaning.

So many spirits realized I could see them, and stared back at me. Eyes fixed in contact with mine, stopping their paces and searching my face or form for something. Maybe they were curious, maybe upset, maybe they tried to see what was similar between other mediums and myself? My communications were limited as a child, I can sense emotions and see pictures and sense the sense communications now - whereas as a child I could only hear them clearly when they tried their hardest. Time hones the ability if you focus and experiment. That moment, I felt like crying, I recall. Tens of eyes watching me before going down a set of tight stairs. I don't recall all of them, but let me share what I do remember.
There was a man in fancy red uniform, similar to the modern "Beefeaters" - officially known as Yeoman Warders - only the uniform was a darker red, less intense, and I remember the fancy golden embroidery was more intricate and busy. Some had black uniforms around him, faces hidden behind a blur of dark grey for a reason I've never been able to find out. He had a red beard, extremely well kept, a sceptre/mace, and beautiful blue-green eyes like the colour of shallow tropical waters over white sands. He smiled at me, but also had a severity about him. He tried to speak to me in some strange sounding language I thought must have been Scandinavian or a heavily accented Gaelic, which I found out later in school was Old English when my class learned the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. (Wonderful stuff if you've never read, hilarious) I remember the first few pages read by the teacher giving me a big smile as I realized it had been what the Yeoman Warder had probably been speaking. Not 100% sure of course, but it fits in many aspects. His tone suggested he was warning me to go, or telling me I was being naughty and should stop, or maybe even asking me what I was doing staring at him lol. He stood in front of a painting or tapestry or something, I forget, but it was easy to stare at him pretending I was admiring the antique artwork. Well I did that too, I'm sure.
Another figure that stuck deep in my mind was a photographer that was dressed oddly. He had long brown, straight, hair and brownish eyes I seem to recall, but his clothes were : a hip length light brown leather jacket with the edges tasseled as if someone had cut out strips of the leather (like you see on stereotypical movies about Native Americans; light blue jeans with turquoise coloured stones on the pocket in a mosaic pattern (can't recall the pattern); leather sandals - with socks!; and a hair band of the same leather. He was taking photos everywhere and didn't notice me as he seemed busy. The camera was very realistic.
Next was a tall woman in tights and a t-shirt. That's all I recall.
The most interesting of the people I saw appeared when the guide came to a real used chopping block for executions. It was a woman in a dark red and black dress, crying incessantly. She had a veil of lace over her face and screamed out in thickly accented (don't know what region of French it'd be) French - "arrĂȘte!" (Stop.) She didn't see me and tried to knock over the block with her small booted foot. As quickly as she appeared, she disappeared. Was it a woman who was executed? Or someone who had spectated the death of a loved one? I don't know but it coloured history for me deeply when it came to executions. No longer was it a two dimensional fact, I felt so sad and horrified whenever it was mentioned. I am glad I can no longer remember the depth of the emotion she exuded, as it haunted me for years after.
Even though there were terrifying moments, it was also fantastic to see the building steeped in history as much as spiritual energy. Were some of the spirits echoes of a horrible situation? Or were they all spirits with thoughts, feelings, and afterlives? I don't know what those echoes or event loops are, but I have seen them, or something that looks a lot like them. I'd have to visit again to get a feel for the place as an adult, when my health permits far in the "maybe" realms.
Have a lovely day, I hope to write again soon.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

My Questions.

Sorry it's been so long, it wasn't intentional - never is, I do love what I do.

The gift I have, that I think we all have, that sense not yet accepted by the human powers that govern us, is a Gift. All of our senses are gifts. They aren't owed to us, they aren't our right, they are gifts to be cherished and used and grown and understood.

Being such a mocked and shunned sense in so many places makes it a challenge to hone the gift. We walk, arms outstretched in the dark, trying to find what works and what doesn't, sometimes going the wrong way for years and walking further and further away from what does work.

What helps me the most is striving to answer questions. Sometimes I realize I've been asking the wrong questions - sometimes I am disturbed, shocked, by some of them. Spiritual forms aren't likely to answer your questions clearly, or at all, and even when you get an answer - it's like explaining colours to someone who has never seen.

Try asking the scary questions or the questions that make you at least nervous.

Above all, want the answers intensely.

So what are my big questions right now? And know, I do not want to experience any of the answers first hand until I am extensively old and ready to shed the skin. The reason I want to know the answers is to share them, as a human in a human body, with others to alleviate the pain and fear associated with Death. What if you knew what the other side was like? Would it give you freedom to live now without the constant shrouding shadow of oblivion? Should we fear at the same time as wonder? Would you share the answers if they were detrimental to society?

The questions, however, are much less dangerous. I want to share a sample of my questions here:

1. At the moment of true death - that is, when the spirit leaves the body behind completely:
A. What happens to signal the soul to leave the shell? Is it chemical? Is it spiritual? Is it deep in our DNA or is it like plants sensing winter coming? The seed of the soul drops from its chrysalis? Are physical and spiritual closely mated in that process? Or does getting old separate spirit and body? I found a couple answers I will tell you about soon.
B. Are we born to the next world blind and deaf or do we emerge fully developed? Some spirits, I have noticed, take much longer to communicate and manifest to me after their death - why? Is it choice? When a soul emerges, do they have different abilities or the same and like a video game - we "level" what we focus on?
C. How do other spirits know we have died? Some, I understand, watch their loved ones until death.. but I have also seen spirits that were not watching the person in life - know death was near. "Word of Mouth" a spirit next to me says. Answer. Question: What if no one is watching?? Do we cross over the threshold from body to free spirit alone if not watched? The spirit shakes its head in saying "No. Everyone is watched. Tended in the nursery." "Never alone" another says, "love" "joy". How beautiful. How relaxing. I have lived my life always being around spirits, and I have worried about those who weren,t watched.. this is good. I have gotten used to showering, going toilet, sleeping, mating, crying, doing bad and good - all in front of spirits. It's a lot less creepy than it sounds, and they will mostly give you privacy when you need it - turn their attention away from your body and focus on your soul. Otherwise, I'd be a virgin for life - having family members' spirits watching me! Lol. It's a lot more beautiful and comforting and empowering.
D. In the first Meeting we have as souls with another souls - do spirits communicate with each other as they do with me - images, words, emotions, senses - or is it less intimate.. like talking to one another? Is it more intimate? Like two souls merging into one as I see in old souls? How is a nascent spirit treated?
E. What does it feel like to be a spirit - consciousness wise? Is it scary? Is it wonderful? Is it easy? Is it explicable? I know what consciousness is like, I Know how it feels. I know how it feels on drugs, or drunk, or sick, or healthy, I know what it feels like to be in the so called Alpha State and be conscious. I know what it's like to lucid dream, or the normal wild dreams we just go with and see where it takes us. Is it lucid? Or is it blurred and chaotic and needs adjusting to? Lucidity. I hope it's lucid. I am too scared of any other state for immeasurable time.

On that last sub question, I want to change the flow of this. Being sick has made me experience consciousness in so many ways. I have adapted to being on many drugs and altered brain chemistry and patterns from pain and poor sleep. At first the medication was too much - I cried myself to sleep each night wanting to be sober, healthy's clear headed. And now, I am used to it and forget what it's like to be sober and healthy. Messy thought processes still scare the crap out of me. I was smart, clear, and fast witted. Now I have lost my edge at times. My high IQ before has wilted, and I struggle to maintain my mind in the jungle of drugs and sick - reminding me of when I used to drink a lot to numb the pain .. that lack of control. I fear being a soul is like this, but I am also comforted at the level of "used to" I am in this state now. If I wasn't so scared I could open my mind and ask the spirits for their answer. That is a personal quest for me - become okay with this.
I don't ask for pity. I don't tell many people about the level of my stoned sick consciousness experience, and here I do it for a purpose - for those of you who have never had altered consciousness - I wanted to explain the question of: what is a spirit's consciousness like?

I'll write soon :) And hopefully soon you'll be seeing embedded videos if I can muster up the energy! A spirit suggested it two days ago, and I was thrilled. She said it would be easier, and a way to explain better. Nothing explains subtlety like the timbre of a voice, the breathing, the pitch changes. And also a way to do readings. One day I hope to get off of disability, and she explained this was a way. I don't understand how, as my medical expenses can be well above a thousand a month. School is insanely hard when your memories fade at will and your consciousness changes day by day. She and other spirits have offered help in showing me. It's nice having a team of spirits in your corner!

I am going to put up a voting box soon - and so if you like the idea of videos instead of text (or a stagger of writing and videos etc) you'll be able to voice your opinion. Your answers are very valuable to me personally.

Your readership means a lot to me. In this body I feel so helpless sometimes - but don't mistake that for unhappy. I am quite a happy girl with you reading me and spirits talking to me.

Forge love in this world.. then in the next you'll find your life richer and happier.

- Someone sent me this great picture - sadly I don't know who took it - but it reminds me of the soul being shaped by our physical body. The soul are the roots, the paved walkway the physical body in our place in history.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Moment of Death

I asked a spirit to come forward and tell me about his death experience. I typed quickly as he spoke, and left the spelling as is. I found it to be an interesting conversation.

"I died in 1958 in a pile of traffic. It was cold, dark, dank and filled with monsters (cars I think he means). I was driving one minute and the next I felt like the car door was the floor - and then I was dead. It was an instant. I felt myself slip aside then up.. no more like out. Like I was deep in water with no air left in my lungs. I expected to yearn for breath but that never came. My leg that'd hurt for years, I suddenly noticed it wasn't hurting. I felt like I should breathe but I didn't have the equipment for it anymore. I could hear Marty calling my name, crying, screaming dazed and it kinda woke me up from this amazement and excitement of this numb feeling. I couldn't see with my eyes, it was dark at first, but then I opened some sort of eyes, not like the eyes I had when I was alive but other ones. They didn't have lids it was just sort of an awareness that opened them. Marty was clinging to the lump of clothes next to him, I noticed it was a person slumped and obviously broken. I didn't realize then but I was seeing so differently, like the scene was in my consciousness, not outside in the world. Like my eyes were all around and encapsulating the scene. Like nothing I can fully explain. I was next to Marty, but also around him, above him, under him, you know? I saw he was sobbing like a kid, something I'd never seen before and I was confused until I was aware the body was me. It wasn't me at all, not anymore. I wasn't connected to it anymore. I didn't really have hands, but I reached out as if I had one and placed it on Marty's shoulder. He moved like he felt it I think. An officer was nearby, my awareness shifted to outside the car, the flashing lights and survivors moving in the scene. I was still with Marty but also outside. When it's your turn you'll see, we all get a kick out of it. It took a few minutes until I noticed my Ma outside the scene. She was dead and I felt pulled towards her, not like a physical pull but like an itch - I had to keep a date or I was late for an exam. God she looked so lovely. Her hair was all done up, her makeup, just like I remembered. But that's the queer thing, I remembered her as a little old lady, not this lady - but I knew it was her. It was a given. She welcomed me, loved me, cherished me and was so happy to see me. I was pulled around like at a party from group to group of my dead friends and family and coworkers and you name it. My dog Andrew was there, my pets all of them. All the friends I had that were dead were excited to see me. It was like I graduated and got to come home for the first time in decades. Oh yeah, it felt like home too, you know? Warm and like someone had just cooked me a grill cheese sandwich and my favorite show was on and it was sweet. I felt pulled back and forth between Marty and this great party. I felt bad because I wanted Marty to get over with his grief so I could spend more time in this great place. Guilty. I spent time with Marty until he settled doen. Word got around about my death. My wife, my sons, my daughter.. all crying next. They were sad I was dead and I was sad they weren't here to see the other side of things. There was this one moment where my 'Linda, that's my little girl, cried so sweetly and begged God to bring me back. I cried. I had no eyes, no breath, but I sobbed. The more I wept, the more she did. Then I gathered myself and so did she for the most part. She felt me! They all did but no one talked about it, it wasn't like "Hey Dad's here with us, I know it" - no talk of specters, spooky sounds, nothing. I forgot about the party, as I like to call it, and Ma encouraged me to spend time with my living family. She even came with me. Dad was there too, but as in life, he was a quiet man - few words and when he did say something it meant something big. I felt his strength around me all the time. Even as a spirit he smokes cigars. Pipes. Lots of us do things like that, it's the feeling of it not the chemical body changes. I lay down spooning my wife as she tried to sleep, talking to her, she would cry a lot. Alone mostly, around the kids she waas a rock. I stayed with her for a long time, sometimes I would leave for a while when she was okay. When things got back to normal, a couple years later, I would spend more and more time on the other side of things. With the dead people (he laughs) and their gossip about the living and the dead. There was this one guy, Phil, who I never knew in life, but was friends with my Pa in life and in death he took me to see all sorts of things. The big landmarks at first - like the Eifle Tower, the Big Ben type bridge, the pyramids.. he'd traveled a lot as a kid and young adult and when he died he took it up again. We weren't alone, we would meet other people doing the same thing as us. Sometimes we would see a death and help the fellow out. Sometimes one of us would feel the itch to see our family again, and take a break. We could pick up whenever. It's weird to talk to you about it. Before I died, my life was hard but fulfilling. It's like the others say - the living is a womb and the death is birth. We see the ones that off themselves before their "time" and they're more confused. I died before my physical time, you ask me about fate and I don't buy it how people used to talk about it in my time. In my time, fate was this detailed plan made by something really detail-oriented. You know we agree you don't want to bring religion into it, most of us refuse to talk about religion, it's a surprise that's worth the wait and makes everyone happy. Well except those sad _____ that are never happy unless they're criticizing, that isn't cleared up after death at all. Time, maybe, but not death. Back to fate, sorry if I get off track, I know you're unwell sweetheart. So it's not that I was fated to die later as an old man or as I did behind the wheel of a chevy. By the way, it wasn't my fault, the accident. Fog, night, bad bridge intersection. Fate was more a lot fo growth I had to do. You see old people dying and they still had a lot of growing to do. Bodies give us shape in our consciousness, life gives character, variety."

He sees I am tired and encourages me to rest. Allowing myself to be a conduit does take its toll, but it also has its rewards. Passing a kidney stone lately, hard to write as it requires attention otherwise used in dealing with pain. That's it for today :) Have a lovely night!

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

An Open Message to.... ?

In a "vision"* this morning (see end for my definition of vision) I was shown around the home where this amazing spirit died - or where she spent here last 5-1 year(s). It is an important message. First, the description so the intended target of the message can really know if it is the person they think it is. Please keep in mind, during such full-ranged communication, the spirit's message can have bits and pieces of my subconscious/unconscious(don't have the equipment or team to test which lol) and so some details may be off but the whole of the image is there. I would say 3/4 is the spirit, and 1/4 is me. I will say when I think it's mine.

The Room

In a hallway (about the length of a regular schoolbus) I walk from a dark part of the hallway ( the hallway is G on my crappy floorplan tablet sketch, the top is the lighter area, I come from the bottom area) to the light part and the door is on my right. I think there is a second door too, but it could be a closet inside the room. The hallway is neutral beiges, or that could be the sunlight/artifical light sources.
Upon entering the room, the bed (B on the floorplan) dominates the room, but there is also a long and hipheight dresser (A on floorplan) to my right, and (F) a smaller dresser on my left. There are two windows (E) on (I think South facing) the wall as well as a large painting (unsure) which is an oil painting of a historical urban or architectural scene. I think there are horses. In front of the window there is a big CRT (tube) TV - bulky and made in the mid to late 80's - on top of a small entertainment unit (c) which sits squat on the ground. The room is carpeted. Closer to the second door (or closet) is a floor lamp (D)
The bed is a twin size, for one person, but the bedspread looks like it was made for a double or queensized and it is draped, yet centered. Looks like the bed was made but someone thought about taking a nap. The bedspread has red floral or abstract plant designs in red, with gold (metallic) threading that gives it a sheen and makes it a little rough to the touch. As I "test" the bed by putting my hand and leaning on it, it is less comfortable than I imagined but still not an uncomfortable bed, but it is very low to the ground, the boxspring and mattress on the ground. There are offwhite, clean sheets on the bed, they look almost like they were ironed or just taken out of a new package. The pillow is fluffy but, like the mattress, it has a groove where the owner had slept there for a long time.
The windows have see-through curtains (I might be wrong but I also think there were other, thicker curtains) with possibly some pattern to it but it's hard to tell. There is a yellow/orange light coming through it which I see as either streetlight emanations or a sunset/sunrise light.
On the dresser are memetos and curios. I think they are on doilies but I am not sure. I especially recall this pitcher made of silver or silver plated or even pewter, skinny neck and big base, a frilly metalworked handle. I also see little things that look very Black Forest in design. Expensive things that don't necessarily look expensive. The more you look at them, the more you see details and mastercrafting, hallmarks etc - that show the value unseen on firt impression.
The paintings remind me of paintings my grandparents have - well done in a slight impressionistic flare better seen from afar, of wealthy places and somehow it looks ugly to me. Victorian urban scenes with rich Victorians and wet streets, people with umbrellas.. but you can never see their faces as the impressionistic tilt of the painting only does details on things like horse bridles, ropes on ships, and clocks on clock towers. They are done by prossionals that don't care for the subject, but more the brushstrokes, the mastery. These paintings are important, but I am unsure.
What really weirds me out is in the piece of furniture the clunky TV is on. A tape recorder/player. It is too big for the shelf it is on. There is a lot of clutter on the shelf, the player, the VHS machine, books, little magazines like Reader's Digest or New Yorker or Betty and Veronica size-wise, and papers. Maybe some puzzle books or notepads. I digress, but she is reminding me to describe this the best way I can, she didn't enter a brain/body filled with pain and symptoms for nothing. She hated it hehehe. Why do I laugh at that? Maybe it's nice to share my sickness with someone? Segue done.
She plays the tape recording all of a sudden, pressing the play button makes a CLACK sound and I am surprised. It's people talking. It's a little echoey and poor quality, but I think it's at least mostly men, grown men. I turn it off to restore some of my calm, but it starts playing again. The TV turns on, the imagine quality is poor, there is a greenish tint and the frame is askew at the top and a bit at the bottom. It, too, surprises me. Both things disturb me more than they should, and that is part of the message.
It's hard to see the spirit unt now, but she comes to me, angry or upset. She is older, at least 70, and she is urgent and intense. I think she has dark, mousey brown/grey hair with silver hairs peppering, I think she has a braid or ponytail down her neck to her shoulder blades but it's hard to tell as she is slouched over in her upset pose. Her eyes are a grey with hints of other colours hard to certainly distinguish as they are milky, hazy - for effect I assume, however it could be a symptom of her illness?
The rest of the place was rather large, many bedrooms (8 I counted, but didn't see the whole house), many wooden architectural features - so beautiful and honeyed, varnished marvellously. There is pride in this house, pride maintained but detached due to death, and before that - sickness.

The Message

Most of the message was enigmatically hidden in the feeling of the room, indeed the whole of the house. Many questions arose in my mind, and I asked them as I wrote this article. First I work on interpreting the "vision" she enrobed me in, then I try verbal contact with the messenger. She went to a lot of trouble to give this message - and as the medium, it is a medium's duty to process the images and sensations before questioning - otherwise we show a lack of respect, preparedness, intelligence and most of all: empathy. She went against her worst fear to deliver this, the fear of being sick again. She felt my sickness and it tormented her with the memories of her illness. Mediums need to respect the spirit. The message might be time sensitive, they might not have time to find another medium with the means to broadcast their message. So now, the interpretation.
  1. Why was she so upset?
   She wanted me out of her home, not touching her things. She was angry I was doing that. The medium's position in the vision is usually a message in itself - usually in the role of the person for whom the message is aimed, or for who the emotions are aimed. It felt like since her death (or the death of the person she speaks for - but I am almost sure it is her) people are shopping through her things. What they want to take home, what they are "owed", what they could sell for some quick cash. The feeling of scrutinizing the items for value was a big theme. Like that silvery jug with the important hallmark and fancy workmanship. I also got the feeling the people viewing the objects for their monetary value don't know half the importance, let alone price, of the items they covet. It's easy to judge these people by reading this, but it is a complex emotion she was trying to transmit. The person was starting out on a new venture and could use the money, she knows this, but she wants the person to get the full value for the item they wish to pawn. If it must be taken, at least get your money's worth. She also showed me others doing the same thing, but hiding in a closet - and she wanted them (a couple was included in this closet) out of the closet. To me, this means she'd rather people be open, honest - most important, no sanctimony or self-righteous delusions about their aims and feelings. She knows exactly how they feel. There is no hiding from her now as they did in her life. She remembers every last detail now, she tells me as I type this. You want to pawn her stuff for money - okay. Stop beating around the bush and do it! She hates the cat and mouse games, the lies, the betrayals, and mostly what the money has done to her loved ones. Enough is enough, dammit!
  2. Why was she in the room so much?
She says she was feeble (as I started to interpret, she is now watching me type on a tablet with great interest - "I want you to get the story straight, I appreciate your repsect") and her mind was changing. It was like looking at the world from a carousel: dizzying, confusing, moving too fast, too loud. In her toso, below the left lung (or perhaps in the left lung) she had pain, heaviness, pressure. Also like a heartburn feeling but in the wrong place, her torso was thick feeling inside - sick and wrong. "My insides were melting and stirring that's how it felt." Cancer, I am almost sure that's what she had. But it's nothing I've seen before, it's highly perplexing. She didn't know, her mind did not retain, but she would like to know what it was in order to learn more about it. We all want to help the cause that captured us, right?
  3. What is the tape recorder about? "They were all strangers to me, I had a little security just in case. They didn't know, but I recorded them. The tape is hidden, I've seen it safe after my death." Her mind was so much clearer after death, she was let out of her cage. It will be safe. She has met a few mediums alread.
  4. Does she have a specific, verbal message? "Stop fighting, stop pretending. Stop circling around me and just do what you have to. It's hard on me, but I don't have a choice. We can talk about it." I will help you talk with her, I am not asking for anything in return, this woman has given me the gift of such a potent vision, fun and enjoyable. I do love a good horror-movie nightmare (so long as it doesn't involve my beloveds), but only if it's while I dream, and she has promised a doozey. She wants to talk, communicate, that's the second part. She knows you all are not villains, and not to be ashamed. She is happier and freer now, if a little homesick for the physical life, without the sickness of course. She is an amazing woman with so much to offer in terms of wisdom and experiences, and I look forward to communicating with her for a long time.

The Ball is in Your Court

If this is aimed at you, mail me and I will do what I can. Even if you don't want to talk to her, please mail so I can at least distinguish what is my bias in the vision from the message. It is essential to my continued honing of skills and sensitivity, so I will be grateful. But know, she loves you and her mind has returned to a stable and young etat which enables her to remember all the good times, all the things you sacrificed, all the moments you shared. You might be surprised of what she says.

I'm Always Learning

Although I am oft sick and unable to write, my health could be worse. She reminded me of that, even though I frequently use it as a mantra to get through hard times - I needed reminding. We can feel pity for ourselves, and it can be briefly therapeutic.. but like alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other addictive substances and activities: pout responsibly or it'll lead you to a dark place of feeling like you are worse off than all the rest. When people ignore you or seclude you due to your frequent griping - you may want to speak louder to get more attention. The louder, the quieter. They will ignore more and more until they are desensitized, so that when you need help, you will feel neglected and spiteful and alone. Her message here is a warning to me, as she sees darker times for me before the illness eases - but I share it as I think it is applicable to all of us in some degree. She lived through it, and in death - found a way to make some positive out of the negative. She assume responsability for her part, and even though there is bitterness, she forgives others for theirs.

* "Vision" is an impotent word for what these things really are. Spirits will pull your entire consciousness into their experience. Imagine you are actually standing in this room, you can smell the smells, hear the sounds, touch anything in the room, and sometimes even taste the food! It is my favorite type of vision and occurs when your mind is clear, calm, and open. They have access to your thoughts, and it may be very scary at times but it is amazing to behold and much more importantly: communication is done at an alarmingly intimate and yet saturating way. It takes training because, just like lucid dreaming, sometimes when you realize it's happening you get either too scared or excited and you kick the spirit out before the message is relayed. That can be very disturbing for the spirit, frustrating and confusing.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

How Can Someone Who Can't See Ghosts Communicate with Ghosts?

Is it possible? Yes. Absolutely. However, it's not always possible for you to get a clear answer - or any sort of easy answer. For that, I am sorry for the grief you go through, no being should have to deal with death. It's the hardest lesson of this world, even if you can see spirits. I know there is an afterlife, but death affects me greatly too. Sure I can see and feel spirits, but spirit contact is not as comforting as living human. I think because when people die, they see a freedom so vast and wonderful, it's hard to stay in one place. They go into phases of focus, phases of travel, phases of watching the living - and that is well-adjusted spirits!
So, someone has died that you miss, and you didn't get to tell them something important - this is something each one of us could experience. How do you tell them? How do you set a date to speak with a spirit? The answer is simple.
Communicating with the Dead - Saying Something
  1. Choose a time of day where you can relax, set aside 10-20 mins, make it a date/appointment in your daily or weekly routine. Find a calm, relaxing place.
  2. Get objects that remind you of that person: photographs, letters, jewelry, clothes, keepsakes, lock of hair etc. This isn't for a spell, it's to create an atmosphere of welcoming that person, showing them that you are talking to them directly. This can work for groups or individual ghosts. The traditional place in history to do this is a graveyard, but your home works just as well, I promise.
  3. Take deep, slow breaths, about 10-30, until your mind is calmer and your muscles relax a bit. For those of you who do meditation, this should take a lot less (5). You do not need to know how to meditate, but it helps.
  4. Picture the person in your mind, and say their name, nickname, last name.. Just say them all in the tone/volume you would if they were in the next room. If you are in a place where people can hear you do this, you can think and say the name at the same time. The loudness isn't that important, but it tends to focus the mind - so just thinking/feeling the name when you say it is focus enough. Alternatively, and what I do, focus on the name of the person with all your mind and heart, you can whisper the name. Do that for 30 seconds to two minutes.
  5. Tell them you will set time (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) to talk with them if you want this to be a regular date. Say it out loud. Tell them that you have something to say and you need them to focus on you for a short time.
  6. Talk to them. Just like you would someone who is being quiet and focusing on you. They are listening. They can hear you. Say all you need to, but they will tell you if they need to go somewhere - you will feel pressured to wrap things up. It's funny that they do that, but also important that you wrap it up as they may have to do something very important - saving a loved one, for example.
  7. If you want this to be a repeat event, tell them you will see them at that time - state the time and place clearly, you can repeat it a few times, slow and clearly.
If you set a date and don't bother to show up, they won't show up either the next time - depending on the personality! Be respectful and so will they. Be on time and so will they. Although if they were easily distracted in this life, chances are they may still be distracted. Be patient.
If you are worried they did not get the message the first time, repeat it the next scheduled time. Sometimes spirits are too busy with other things, they can divide their attention in many avenues but not infinitely. Repeat, repeat, repeat :)
Next post I will tell you how to listen for their answers. Thank you for reading, I am glad to share these experiences with you to help in the pains of grief. Although grief is an important part of our lessons here in our bodies, I strongly believe humans were supposed to go through it seeing or at least sensing spirits, our natural state.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Signs You Cat, Dog, or Misc ;) Pet is Seeing Spirits - Pt 1

  Something I get asked a lot is how to tell if one's pet is seeing spirits, if they are, if they can, or if they should be encouraged.
  I will address the latter before I continue: should pets be encouraged when they see spirits? Yes. In my opinion they should, unless it freaks you out. This decision took no time for me at all as animals are often my eyes when it comes to spirits that can't always communicate regularly. They call my attention to spirits when I am distracted, and often their body language is enough to let me know the tone of the communication.
 For anyone, learned in seeing spirits or unable to see spirits, it can communicate a lot to watch your pet when it is communing with spirits.
They can tell you if a spirit is happy, playful, depressed, angry, scared, lonely, or more importantly: if you are being warned about an upcoming or current event.
  Next, how can you tell if a beloved pet or wild animal is seeing a spirit, or many spirits? It's a tall order but I want to share with you my experiences seeing spirits interact with animals. I will divide this into different animal categories, starting with a universal species category.
  Before I do - there is a question I think you might ask yourself - why don't animals flee at the sight of a spirit? Well animals, unlike humans, aren't told that the dead are "scary" or "a figment of your imagination". They aren't ridiculed for seeing spirits, they aren't told it's scientifically unlikely, they aren't told "if you can't get it on film consistently, it's not there" and so deep in their core their ancestors have long accepted spirits as the norm. They exist, they rarely bother us, and oftentimes, they warn us of dangers. Many, most, also care about us and love us, guard us, play with us, show us where food is, and where to seek shelter. So many spirits make it their afterlife's creed to protect animals. Well, who among us wouldn't like to have a tiger, whale, jaguar, shark, bison or elephant as a friend? I'm sure there are many out there, but more would than not ;)

Before I digress into a novella...

How to Tell if an Animal Sees Spirits - Examples from Experience
  All Species
1. Eyes will follow something unseen with great interest.
2. Ears will do the same as #1
3. Their attention will be harder to get (I think because spiritual communication is much more involved and attention filling)
4. There will usually be a brief but perceptible pause after the behavior as the creature exits the spiritual communication "mode".
5. Familiar behavior! When a loved one of the animal dies, it can really traumatize the animal friend - just as much and sometimes more than its human friends. The spirit of that loved one appearing can make the animal's transition much easier - you might see the animal "perk up" and act like the person is in the room. For example, the animal will roll onto its back and expose the vulnerable belly while making happy body language (purring, wagging tail, etc) - or whatever behavior the animal exhibited when greeting the departed loved one, playing with them, etc.

(Including the All Species List too)
1. Specific barking at the spirit
They will bark at what their ears and eyes are tracking. The tone of the bark
will tell you what kind of communication is taking place - is it a playful bark? The spirit may be playing, indicating an "all is well" communication.
  Is it a territorial bark like your dog uses when someone is on your lot? This usually means a spirit is new to the dog's territory, and if you haven't moved within the period of a year - a new spirit could mean a newly dead person, a nomadic spirit, a concerned spirit who hasn't - until now - shown itself, or even a spirit looking for a new home if its home is now unsuitable or gone. I will post more about these kinds of ghosts soon.
  Is the bark aggressive, snarling, snapping jaws and even drooling during this? This could mean the spirit is trying to upset the dog on purpose to warn you, or, a rare circumstance: it could mean an aggressive spirit. An aggressive spirit is what most people call a haunting, but the word haunt for me is more a highly and long frequented place and a haunting in the ghost sense can occur out of the blue for just a few days. In either case, it is a warning.
  Is the bark fearful and accompanied by whines? This could be a warning or again, a sign of an aggressive spirit. Accompanied by the ears back, eyes big, urinating, laying down playing dead, regression to puppy behavior - contact someone who speaks to spirits after exhausting physiological causes through a vet. I am always here, mark the subject line *emergency* and my filter will filter it to a new inbox for emergencies I have (more on this later) - my address is (take out the commas , and spaces I add them for spam protection as the more spam I get the less I can go through and find actual emails ( I get about 400 spam mails every couple of days ) - until I can afford a better mailing system. A,roo,lu-deadconversations ,@, yah oo . C,a
  Does the dog bark at the spirit, then at you? This is a direct communication from the spirit to you. The dog is trying to "translate" the information to you. Pay close attention to the other signs the dog is showing you. Follow its eyes and see where the eyes go, this can give crucial clues. See if the dog is using a paw or snout to point at something. If the dog pulls a "Lassie" and tries to get you to follow it (taking a few steps, waiting, sometimes barking a bit, then as you come closer it repeats until the desired location where it can start barking, it can lay down, lick the spot, pounce with front paws on it etc) follow and then take notes on what it is showing you.
2. "Speaking"
Any dog owner/friend has heard the cute and amazing sounds that dogs can make other than barking. Maybe you've seen those adorable videos where dogs say "I love you" or "I want my ma-maahh" lol. Or the traditional confused sound "Baroo" or "Arrrru" or even the happy yippy singing type sounds.
Long strings of vocalizations without looking back at you can indicate a friendly exchange between a spirit and the dog. Spirits can communicate deeply with animals, able to exchange many complex ideas - dogs will then emulate the communication with these long talks. They aren't saying words as far as I can tell - more like sending ideas directly. Animals are so much more intelligent than the regular human gives them credit for.
  Long strings of vocalizations looking between you and the spirit can mean the spirit is trying to talk to you. They are communicating that they have much to say. The spirit might point at you frequently and so the animal understands the conversation is, at least in part, about you. My pets have always enjoyed a good spirit conversation, but although usually quiet, it can get quite wordy : )
  Short bursts of vocalizations can mean the message is clear and simple. If these vocalizations aren't accompanied by stressful body language (ears back, wimpers, growls, urination, growls) it's not urgent and just a simple message like "I miss you" or "I love you" or "snuff the candle before you leave the room". If the dog exhibits stress, the message is a clear and short warning, so be aware and take stock of your home - check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, oven, and other things that pose dangers, and take stock of your current situation and look for threats then be aware. If this happens more than once, consider it may be a health warning or automotive issue. Spirits won't warn you if it's something small unless you communicate with them on a daily and predictable basis.
  I can't go through all vocalizations now, I could write a book about how much I have observed with animals and their relationship with ghosts, but I must keep this post relatively short.
3. Digging!
Dogs that dig vigorously after speaking to spirits are doing so under the spirit's direction. I have seen dogs dig where homeowners later have found lost items they've pined over for years. It is hard sometimes as animals have different intensities of senses than us - if they were directed by spirits, or if they can sense something there. Corpse sniffing dogs can be drawn by their sense of smell to bodies deep underground, sometimes particles get moved by decomposers such as worms up to higher depths. I have seen a dog at a house I was brought to, digging where I sensed a big electrical problem. He might have heard the arcing of the electricty - or some other sensation - it's hard to say as the spirit in this person's home wasn't very communicative. I am a firm believer, however, than most of the time when animals find these things - be it bodies or live wires - it's usually their heightened senses. But sometimes, like when finding long lost items the animals never botherd with before, or weren't born before it was lost, spirits are the cause. The spirits usually point out the item to cheer someone up or because they hid the item in the first place. Sometimes it's time for you to use the item. Sometimes they hid it for safe keeping. In the case of hidden money, they show you just in time, that is: if you are listening!

Just like dogs, this includes the list of all species behavior.
I have less experience with cats than I do dogs and rodents, however I have some, perhaps enough, firsthand experience with them through the decades. Cats seem more tuned in to spirits than most animals, earning their historical place as spiritual animals.
1. Purring at the space where the attention is fixed is a wonderful sign. Don't worry when this occurs. Some cats are just purr machines and will purr at the drop of a hat, so it's a hard thing to measure. If the cat only purrs with petting or positive attention, then you know for sure it is a good encounter.
2. Tail flicking (rapid and sporadic) occurs, in my experience, when spirits are annoying the fancy feline. This in and of itself is not important, but if accompanied by hissing, hackle raising, or even growling can mean the spirit is taunting the animal and you need to find out why.
3. Hackles raising, growls and hissing, combined with swatting - I saw this about eight years ago, an aggressive spirit was causing a child in the household to have horrific night terrors and strange medically unexplained seizures. The cat would station herself at the child's bedroom door and when the night terrors would come or just before, the cat would act up. She started with a low growl, followed by swatting and hissing, and end up at a sort of grunting sound the owner would never otherwise hear from the beloved cat. She would jump up and bare teeth, a whole militaristic display! Then as the terrors subsided (the parent could not sleep during these fits) the cat, Suki or Suzie I think, would lay down and sleep quietly. When we helped the spirit to leave, the sweet pet did not do this behavior since. Aggressive behavior from cats, at the spirit they are following with eyes, while not moving from their spot could show a defensiveness, protecting someone or the house itself.
4. Talking, or long strings of vocalizations, usually mean the cat is happily chatting away with the spirit. This is another good sign. If the happy chat is ended or interspersed with hissing or growling or barking, it's possible it's an argument, warning, or threat. The cat can be pleasant at first, but when the spirit gets too close, too active, or even too touchy-touchy - the conversation can turn into confrontation. This isn't bad in and of itself, as cats like their personal space from dead and living alike, but if it is a consistent and growing aggressive display - the spirit has probably either outlived its welcome or is becoming a danger to the house.
5. Crying at the place where its eyes, ears, or body is focused on can mean the cat wants something from the spirit or that it wants you to get rid of the spirit from your home. It's not a good sign, especially if it is very out of character.
6. Licking the air or ground where the cat is tracking is a good sign, meaning the spirit is someone trusted, friendly, or at least not a threat. Licking the air usually, from my experience, is the spirit extending a manifestation of a hand.
From dogs and cats and the species wide list, you can see a trend. I don't think it would be within my power to list all common animals and pets at the moment, and so I will continue on another day.

It's easier to understand the situation your animal friend is telling you if you observe them carefully day-to-day and understand the way they communicate with You. Animals can do many of these things and not be seeing a spirit, it might be hallucinations or too much catnip in the case of felines, or even an animal eating fermented berries or fruit, or stealing a lick of your intoxicating substances (please don't). It is good to use common sense and to document the behavior, and to find ways to exclude other possbilities.
  Animals are wonderful treasures in more ways than our eyes on the next iteration of life. Spirits treasure them even centuries after death (perhaps more, it's hard to put a date on ancient spirits) and so must we. Caring, loving, and protecting them should be a primary concern - and then comes looking for messages of life after death, a sweet connection to help protect us and our animal friends.
   I will write more when my hands stop cramping ;)

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