Thursday, March 15, 2018

2018 Update

Hello my sweet readers! I will start with a status update of my physical condition, then onto more happy things.

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Please excuse my grammatical errors.. I figure you want something to read and my stress level dictates how much I can do.. which means my panic of bad grammar stifles my writing.

    Apologies for being absent for so long, it's been a trying time and I have tried my best to reply to mails and messages but of course it's an uphill battle.
My illness, being called Fibromyalgia but the doctors seem to agree it is compounded by an as yet undiagnosed nerve disorder, is still spiraling down. I don't mean to depress anyone or give out a free pass for being absent, I just wanted to update you on what is happening. My fatigue and brain fog is getting to the point where it is difficult to read or write without a lot of serious effort, my pain is severe and constant, and I have a long list of symptoms that just keep accumulating. Mini surgeries, tests galore, and appointments with a myriad of doctors.. 

    BUT - I am hopeful. About six or seven years ago, several of the dead told me something would happen 8 years from that point that would bring improvement to my illness. Maybe it was just so I wouldn't give up hope, but I choose to keep hope. Hope is free of charge, keeps our morale up, helps us look for answers harder, and makes sure we aren't dragging everyone down with a negative attitude.

    I want to write more and I want to explore more of what's out in the big unknown world in which we live. There is so much we don't know and that is quite clear when I see doctors' confused faces when they try and find out what's the deal with my illness. As children, we think adults know everything. As teens, we think we know everything. As adults, we realize - we're all just trying our best to make it through the day. 
    No one person can know everything. So we can't easily collate, compare, analyze, notice discrepancies, exceptions of everything known - imagine what a massive undertaking that would be! Monumental! That means we can't see the forest for the trees most of the time: the picture is incomplete due to our limited brain capacities, truly efficient and non-agenda based networking between minds, and access to untainted facts. So many people have agendas when it comes to information display. Money, fame, power, quid pro quo (like when one person wants their article/book/film/show to have more credence via more people having the same opinion etc) relationships, politics, and so much more come between you and truth. I love open source projects that get rid of negative motives and just work towards something special.
    So what is MY agenda? Sure, I have one - and here it is in order. Mainly I want to have documentation of my experience saved to the Internet and since my memory is foggy due to illness - I can use this blog as a way to remember. Secondly, I want to share this with others in a simple and easy to access way so they can compare their experiences.  Thirdly, I like the fact that I can connect with other human minds and hear their experiences.. nothing makes me feel more proud of my blog than hearing others derive meaning from it. I want us to work together to explore this beautiful and weird world. I certainly don't want to be famous - that has never seemed like a good thing to me. Last, I wouldn't mind having revenue - as being disabled is depressing enough without having no independent income. I want to promise you that I will never distort my experience for revenue.. I'd rather be poor. I don't want cars or big houses or a lavish lifestyle. My illness, in a sad sounding way, stops me from being able to spend money on a lot of things as: I can't travel much, I can't drive, I won't have kids as I don't want to pass the illness on, I am too tired to go on shopping sprees, etc etc.. BUT it doesn't make me sad.. I like my simple lifestyle. What I am trying to say is that if I was rich, the money would be hard to spend. What I mean by wanting revenue is just having enough money to get off disability and providing for myself. Sorry, this sounds like a sales pitch? No.. maybe begging? I am okay!! 
    Alright, not sure where I am going with this.. I like to share what's on my mind too much sometimes. Onto the article.

What do Spirits Want from Us? 

I always ask myself about the agendas of people - both living and dead. So what do they want from their audience? 

When it comes to spirits.. things become more simplified. What can they get out of you?
1. Attention:
    Sometimes spirits want someone to notice them. Imagine how lonely it could be if you spend years without encountering one other spirit and nearly no humans can see you? Some spirits isolate themselves from others.. I am not sure why. Some cases are obvious - guilt can cause them to think they are not worthy of having friendship. 
    Sometimes attention is required to prove something to themselves. Some spirits learn how to communicate through sounds, through electronics, dreams, human mediums, etc, and getting your attention is a way to test their progress. Of course this is opinion derived from my experience, as is anything in this blog. 
   Sometimes attention seeking behaviour is childlike, from a child spirit or a spirit that is childlike, and is just attention for attention's sake. 
2. Reaction for Entertainment
    Sometimes, just like humans, spirits want to get a rise out of you. This is pretty simple. A single spirit or a group of spirits can use this as entertainment or even revenge. I have even seen spirits trying to get a two living people to notice each other romantically! But this might fall under other categories. Onwards.
3. Companionship
    A friend. Not just attention for one day, but continued friendship. I treasure my spirit friendships. They are some of the deepest and most intimate relationships someone can have, but can also be detrimental for those who choose to only have spirit friends over living friends. The living need the living. We are learning together and have shared experiences that can help both members. We have PLENTY of time to have spirit friends but a really limited time to have living friends. The afterlife seems infinite, although there is no way to truly know that - infinity is immeasurable. 
4. Fear for a Purpose
    Think stereotypical haunting.. "Get out" "This is my house!" - territorial defense. Not just buildings, places, and things - but people, too. I once saw a sad husband chasing away the suitors of his living wife. The wife came to me asking for help, but there was no reasoning with the husband.. There is something powerful about that sort of commitment, but the wife was left alone. No kids, no lovers.. just an empty house and a spirit husband she couldn't see, hear, or feel. It took another two years for him to move on, after a suitor he thought was 'just like me, he can be my proxy' (to paraphrase)
5. Help the Spirit
    They want you to be their physical presence and do something they can't do. Be it telling a loved one they hid some money for hard times or finding out how they died, there are so many ways spirits can need help.
6. To Spread the Word
    Some spirits are so overjoyed when they learn about the beauty of the afterlife, or some amazing truth that has been out of reach for the living - they want to tell you all about it. This can be detrimental to the living as life is hard and the afterlife SEEMS easier. But again.. whatever struggles you go through in life - give it a chance. Make suicide your last resort. Things can miraculously change and flip from awful to amazing.. and if you kill yourself before then.. well you regret it for a long, long time. Again, the afterlife is a long time and with a different kind of memory - you can remember things crystal clear enough to haunt you for centuries or more. Regret can make a heaven into a hell. BUT sometimes learning that the afterlife is good can help you carry on living.. knowing that something so beautiful awaits you. It has certainly helped me keep a positive attitude.
7. To Help YOU
    This is something I see a lot with my major pain episodes. The days when I am in so much pain, it is a challenge to think of anything else - spirits will come and try to help. Be it to give words of encouragement, to show you what comes as your reward after life, or even to use some of their strange (and rare in my experience) abilities to siphon some pain away. 

Of course there are more things they can get from you, but this is a sampling. The living can want so much more from you. Be wary of those asking exorbitant amounts of money to contact the dead, see the future, give you luck, etc. Try to think about what they want, add up clues of what they are about

What do People in the Psychic Industry want from you?
Here are some things you can add up to find the sum of the person asking you for money, time, items, or favours:
1. Is their website filled with merchandising, advertising and links to partner sites that have more of these things? Of course, some people are tying to make a living, so this clue by itself is not always enough.
2. Do they often say things like "You have to spend money to make money" or similar encouragement to justify high prices. 
3. Is their place of business filled with props? A lot of fakes will set the mood a little too much. Again, this clue by itself is not enough to say they are duping you. Sometimes people like the props, it puts them in the zone. Personally, I don't like them, but that is preference. 
4. Are they dressed in expensive clothing, drive expensive cars, etc? Of course this could just mean they are wealthy from other ventures in their lives.. but if they keep saying they need donation money to survive and they are decked in designer clothes driving a $80k car... It's easy to overlook these things.. it might seem like common sense but some people are great at putting you in a buying mood.
5. Are they suggesting you enroll in a tiered or leveling program? Like you start off as a novice, then build up to adept, and one day become a master.. each level costing more and more money? This is a huge red flag. Some courses might be legitimate but I have yet to find one that guarantees you to be able to speak to spirits. 
6. Do they always ask you to bring more friends? Maybe giving you discount for each friend you bring?
7. Do they say you NEED to read this book or that book?

There are a lot more red flags but I am not saying that just having one of these means you are dealing with a crook. I just mean that things add up.

Alright, that does it for today. I hope to write often, and I treasure your emails even though I might not be able to write back to them. I AM going to feature some emails when I can, as many need to be shared.

Thank you for your continued support. It means a lot and I love each and every moment reading about your thoughts and experiences.

Take care of yourselves and have a wonderful day!