Saturday, January 28, 2006

Oozer: Never Judge a Ghost by Its Cover - and a message for Tom Macreedy / Mcreedy

Oozer is a spirit that is quite disturbed. In life, he was an alcoholic, he smoked, and was surrounded in big-rigs.. which I think he's trying to communicate he either drove them, worked at a truck stop, worked on their engines/structure, and they were in his life much of the time. I think his father was a truck driver. Oozer wasn't a driver for too long, he didn't get the chance. Let me tell you more about him before I get to his death. When he was a child he was stout, which carried on until his death, he had dark hair, dark green eyes. He went to "county" school, I'm not sure what that means, but he tells me of his friend Tom Mcreedy or Macreedy - they both had blue lunch boxes and that's how they became friends. He hopes that Tom knows how much their friendship meant. In high school he was an outcast for most of it, as he spent most of his time walking in the woods by his "rusty" home. He did fairly well until he was 16, at which time things started to go downhill. I never see his mother in any of the communication. But I do see a father with large comforting hands, with a big heart. Oozer became an alcoholic shortly after, he doesn't seem to want to say how or why, but it wasn't his father's fault and he wants to communicate that firmly. He wasn't a sleazy person, he also wanted to communicate that. He liked science, that was his favorite course, he was smart, he was loyal, and he was trust worthy. The alcohol was a way for him to fill a very large gap in his life - I never saw a woman in his life, and he never spoke of one. Women weren't attracted to him, he sweat a lot, he smelled funny, he had a weird way of communicating.. maybe stuttering, maybe severe dyslexia.. personally, I don't think it's the women that didn't like him, I think that he didn't like himself and projected that on the women. I told him that, and he seemed touched, but still.. he knew that I was slightly disgusted, for the same reason he calls himself Oozer.

Why's he called Oozer? He gave himself this name after his death. His death was hot, and he sweat so much. It was as if he was in a furnace. His boots melted, steel toe. His sweat became skin (this is what he remembers, but, as I am going to post later, hopefully soon: spirits perceive their deaths differently than what actually happened). Point is, this has left him still traumatized by the death, and coupled with his self-conscious fear of being too sweaty, his afterlife projection (although he swears he wasn't aware of it) is rather disturbing. His skin looks like wax left in the hot sun for a little too long to be firm, but not long enough to be liquid. His eyes are the same way. His body hair was mostly melted away, but there is still a sooty shadow of hair on his head. His lips are melted into a fishy mouth, and his teeth are sooty black.

Apart from his ghastly appearance, no not ghastly.. shocking... he is a nice spirit. He is happier now that he can wander around like he used to in life - in the woods, yet there is still something bothering him enough to keep his "ugly" form. When spirits are perfectly OK, they usually look normal, unless they are trying to convey something. For example, if they show themselves as old and grey, they may be trying to communicate to someone they knew when they were older.. if they look young, they can be trying to communicate to someone they knew when they were younger.

The point I'm mainly trying to get through is this: ghosts, on the surface, can look very frightening. I've had many nights with the reading light kept on, or even several lights on because I'm so terrified.. but those spirits are different. Spirits that make you afraid, usually are trying to frighten you. Most of the time they can't do anything to you, they'll just freak you out until they tire of it. Some spirits CAN do some damage, but that's another post. Some spirits LOOK frightening, but can be troubled, and need help. Or they are trying to tell you something. If a spirit is on fire when you see it, use common sense and be very careful around fire. It doesn't mean the spirit's trying to scare you, it might be trying to warn you! Some may look bad because that's how they feel, and they can't project themselves any other way.

Don't judge a spirit by how it looks, judge it by how it FEELS. If you feel frightened to your core all night and day, it's time to reconsider what you're doing and try to get away from that spirit. If it looks horrid, but feels friendly, it probably is. Although there are some puckish spirits out there that can trick you anyway. Ah, so many posts to write.

Oozer finally was pleased to get his story written, and he wanted to say to Tom Macreedy (or Tom Mcreedy, whatever spelling): "I'm doing fine, I'm with George, and you were right about Katie." So if you know Tom, let him know. He has a deep-thinker look about him and he's about 5"9.. wears sports jackets without ties. Has a blemish on his lower back, on the right side, which is itchy, and Oozer says to get it checked out because it's cancerous. He wears those golf-like hats, but doesn't play golf. And Oozer shows me a picture of a taxi... He loves Tom, in a nonsexual way, and is looking over him. He's Oozer's only living loved one, (but is most likely not a relative) as he is with several of his dead relatives now.

Sorry that I can't get Oozer's name :(