Friday, January 13, 2006

Living Cats and Spirit Cats

Many times, during a reading, I will see deceased pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, snakes, and even recently a pet turtle! By far, however, cats come through the most clearly. They wander around in their living owner's homes, keeping them company, causing mischeif, and defending the family and territory. Of course with cats, family IS territory!

Living Cats
Cats are very special, and as a medium/psychic, I get to see things that normal eyes can't see. Cats are here and they are also there. As most other animals can, cats can see spirits, sense emotions, sense the near future, as well as several other psychic abilities. But cats are a little different. They have a heightened awareness of psychic/spirit energy, they are higher up on the sensory list when it comes to creatures. They aren't the highest up, I can't make that claim, as I've not been around every single animal in the world, but they're sure up there.
Ghosts know this, as they can always sense who can see them. It's like when you have that feeling you're being watched, that intense feeling, kind of a stinging sensation you're being followed/watched. Some ghosts dislike cats (and other animals) for that reason, they don't like the invasion of being seen. Ghosts can sometimes become accustomed to not being seen, and some of them even dislike psychics/mediums/children for that reason.
Most spirits don't mind, they actually LIKE being seen, so they can sometimes hang out around cats, children, mediums, etc, a little too much! Especially during times of increased need for social contact - religious holidays, anniversaries, death day, birth day, etc - they will hang around more. During some readings, I sometimes ask families to put their cats away, as it disturbs a timid spirit we're trying to contact - but most of the time they're a welcomed addition.
Sometimes, I will see spirits taunting, playing with, or even talking to cats - making owners confused, amused, and sometimes frustrated. It always amuses me to see a lonely spirit getting solace from an equally lonely cat (when their families are at work).

Spirit Cats
Spirit Cats are a joy to see. I once had a reading where a girl was collecting spirit cats (dead cats), and during the reading I saw dozens of them around the house - romping and running and preening and watching. Another time I saw a elderly woman's three cats, who kept a close eye over her - and she felt them constantly, and she saw them knock over things (especially on people they didn't think treated her very well).
I have a spirit cat, which I am so lucky to have, that has helped me through many hard times, as well as has guided me and given me hints and tips. I love cats now, especially because of this spirit cat. It is a deceased cat that sometimes saunters around the room, sometimes I ask it to find something if I can't - or when I'm sad she'll sometimes sit on my lap and I can feel her claws dig in to my thighs. It doesn't hurt like normal claws, but tingles. I'm sure some of you have had this same experience, as I see these cats all the time, and have heard many stories from patrons about them.

More to come on this later.