Wednesday, January 25, 2006

How Do Spirits Communicate?

Is it with words? Is it with feelings? Moreover, and the topic of this post: HOW do they communicate? Through energy, with extra-dimensional mouths, how? They aren't flesh and blood like us, so how can they communicate??

From what I gather from spirits, how they have the ability to communicate is as much a mystery to them, as it is to us. They know a little bit more about spirits than we do, but just like us - they have a lot to learn about their own bodies. They are amazed and confused by it as we are by our own physical bodies, and they continue to experiment with different ways to use them.

One spirit, Anna-Margaret - or Anna Margo (we never really cleared that up in our conversation), told me that she was able to manipulate energy on a very basic level. She compared it to playing on the harp and said: "each string on the harp of the mind of the person I was trying to talk with would trigger a certain image or thought" and she explained that it took her and her comrade "plenty of time" to figure out how to say "Hello", and not "Boo"... lol Her comrade was and still is, not as good as her in this harp playing.

Another spirit, Atma or Atman or Atmon (again, names are hard to hear sometimes), a 19th century accountant/clerk of an Indian trader, explained it in a different way. He said that the human mind was like a beach of pebbles, the pebbles being the same as the harp string in Anna-M's figurative speech, and each time a wave (in this metaphor, a human thought) would rearrange the pebbles - making it harder to communicate. He said that people like me, that can speak to the dead, had certain pebbles that were "glued" down, and very much different than the other pebbles... bigger, more vibrantly coloured, as if to say: "here I am, now come talk with me". He said each pebble triggered a reaction in the brain of the human, one pebble would convey greetings, the other would convey anger, the other would convey a boat, the other would convey a word. He said each mind's beach stretched as far as his eyes could see, and he often wandered for very long, trying to figure out how to press the right buttons to make his family hear him. When his immediate family died, and only his grandsons and grandaughters' generation lived, he began to spend more time experimenting on strangers, thus finding a psychic one day. He likened this finding to uncovering a beach of gold, because he could finally communicate with the living - something he'd been fascinated with since a few months after his death. Atman communicates often with the dead, finding it much easier, but prefers to contact the living.

As a last example, I have a lot more but don't wish to write a novel about this post (yet), Maki or Machhi or Mah-Chi was a spirit that compared communicating with the living with (figuratively) beating words on their skulls. She said that she'd often repeat the words she wanted them to hear, hundreds of times over before they would hear. Psychics, she said, could pick them up after a good fifty to twenty times, depending on the mindstate of that psychic. If the person she was trying to contact was constantly nervous and closed, regardless if they were mediums or not, she would sometimes have to say the words for days and even weeks. She explained her slight frustration, and sometimes her frustration and intense repeating of the words would cause the person headaches, irritability, and malaise, at which point she would stop and try again later, mostly when they were asleep.

Sleep is one way that spirits can communicate much more easily, most of the spirits I have communicated with agree on that. They wait until the person is between waking and deep sleep, and then "dive" into the human. They don't always have access to the dreams of the person, but about 75% of the time (roughly, from what I gather) they can become part of the dream. Often they take their own shape, but sometimes they communicate through symbols to get across a larger message... you know, a picture's worth a 1000 words.. well 3D moving dream symbols are worth a novel if you know how to access them.

Drugs can also open the doors for spirits, opening them wide and indiscriminately. I have seen many people haunted by a spirit they let in during a very intense drug experience, a spirit that just happened to be curious or cruel. One such spirit was Malcolm, who would often look for drugged teens in order to "borrow" their bodies. He wouldn't be able to force the person into doing anything, but he could "suggest" - like in hypnotism. He would fit into a person like a marble in a glove, but would still be able to feel a fraction of what that living person feels - and boy, did he like it! Spirits often miss the physical pleasures of this world, even though they can experience similar sensations on their plane of existence, it's just not the same. Sometimes it's better on the other side, much better, but sometimes this plane is overwhelmingly different, and some spirits crave that. Many cultures use(and have used) drugs just for this reasons: to let their ancestors guide them, to lend their bodies. Deep Vodun (and other religious) trance states can easily reach this gate-opening situation without drugs.. which is much wiser, as it has less side effects, and the person being "possessed" can expel the spirit much more readily. It can be dangerous to let stranger spirits into your body with drugs, as they can decide they want permanent residence.. well, until they start missing the pleasures of the Other Side.. which can take decades depending on how old the spirit is.

Do spirits have energy? Do they eat or do they siphon it from somewhere? They have energy, very slight energy I can describe to you as the most miniscule microfilament silk strand that dances around your skin when you communicate with the spirits. Spirits tell me different things, as is usually the case - although they do 100% agree on some things. Some spirits tell me that they get their energy from the Sun, some tell me they get energy from humans, some tell me they get their energy from something deeper - something cosmic that stretches beyond what we know. I think they just can't describe or understand it yet, as we don't understand what it outside our universe, and so they come up with things like the Sun feeds them, etc. But also, Sun is up to interpretation. Many spirits use the Tarot meaning of the Sun, the archetypal meaning, so they may be using symbolism instead of literal meaning. Some were poets when they lived, and are poets in death too - and must make their communications into works of art. Some have even told me that what I feel isn't' energy, but simply, "it is my being, it's is the universe's cloth" as one very bright spirit once told me.

So can they communicate with just anyone? Absolutely. To be clear, I would say that I have never met (and gotten to know) a person who hasn't been touched by a spirit. They may see the spirit as an apparition, they may see them in symbols out of the realm of coincidence, they may see them in dreams or waking vision dreams, they may have heard their voice in their head, or felt their hand on their shoulder... all these ways and more. Whether we believe in them or not, they are here, and they are many - but most importantly: they want to talk. They have so much to say, and not even half of them think it's unethical to communicate us. Some spirits will not communicate with the living, and only watch them, and help them covertly; these spirits have a believe that noninterference will teach us the most. Other spirits believe that their wisdom can make us even more learned before we pass over to the Other Side, and want to teach us to be the most informed - so that we are not as shocked as they were upon death.

So many mysterious things! We don't know exactly how they communicate with us, but the consensus seems to be that they have the ability to suggest, like a hypnotist, but with the added bonus of being invisible when they want to be. They cannot force anyone to do anything, unless they are mentally unstable.. then it is quite common.. but that is for another post.

Remember: any significant dreams you have are most likely touched by another power, so write them down!!!