Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ghost Gatherings: Families

Sometimes I'll find large groups of spirits together, and a great interest and primitive fear instinct takes over. The interest usually wins out over the fear: the fear that all of these ghosts will attach or temporarily follow someone like me who can clearly see them and make eye contact. Ghosts love to be heard, seen, and understood. Just like we do.

Some spirits travel or stay put in groups. Some are familial groups, others died together, others share a love or hatred toward something or person, others just had "an instinct pull" - as one spirit explained - to a specific area or patrol area. Part one is Family.

Family Groupings

These are usually wonderful.. what's better than staying forever with your family? On the other side of that coin however: what's worse than staying forever with your family.

Some of us have been blessed with loving families that we could joyfully picture ourselves with, spending decades of time growing and learning about one another and truly bonding with permanently. These family groups usually stay here to take care of their decedents, great grand kids are like soap operas in which you have vested interest. They protect and guide and offer solace during hardships. This family grouping isn't Earthbound, as many psychics/mediums would say - but they are free to travel the worlds opened up to them at the time of death.. and that includes this one. It's not a one way ticket to what people call Heaven or Shangrila, Nirvana, Summerland and so on - it's more like having a computer with endless tabs and windows they can switch from at lightening speeds. They're not encumbered by time, not restrained by flesh and its weaknesses. I have witnessed countless happy family groupings, and most people have quite a bunch of these in their corner.. so to speak! Know that loving family members never abandon or forget about you, instead, they will follow you through your life and do their best to help you to safety and reach your potential. If you ask for help, they will come.

But then, in a saddening contrast, there are also family groups tied by trauma or deep seated hatred, or a feeling of hellish obligation. We'll go through each of the aforementioned types but know that these aren't the only reasons why the negative family stays together Posthumously, there are countless reasons, but these are the ones I've seen the most in spirit families.

Trauma can hold a family together, if most of the spirits haven't fully healed from a trauma. These traumas can be anytime during their life, perimortem, or even way after death if their living family is greatly affected. This traumatic bond can either heal the members of the family and bring them closer - or blame cycles can break them apart into strangers.

I wish to write more, but that'll have to wait :)