Friday, February 16, 2007

A message from Escobar to his Sweetheart and Family.

Long time no post.. sorry about that. It's not that I haven't had anything to write about, that's for sure, just that busy-ness has kept me away from my computer.

Escobar came to me a week and a half ago. He's dead of course, as I rarely speak of discourse with the living here. When he was alive, he spoke only Spanish - and perhaps a little Portuguese (I'm not good with discerning languages I don't know.) He was fairly tall, from 5"10 to 6"1. He had chocolate coloured hair, curly - kind of sticking up in a square sort of shape. His face was rectangular, long that is, his jaw was square but soft. Brown eyes, but I can't see what shade of brown. Pouty lips. Heavier eyebrows.
Escobar died feeling very nauseous, a heavy weight on his chest and neck. I can't speak his language so I have to go by what he shows me. It felt like he was being crushed or pushed down in some way, but this may be an internal feeling. You know, how heart attacks can feel like your chest is being compressed. His last thoughts were about his "Mamma", holding her soft and wrinkled hand - a hand that was alike to the hand of God in his eyes. He loved her, and he never got the chance to be really affectionate and let her know how much he loved her. He wishes that he could tell her.
He was young when he died, in his thirties I think. He had a bit of a baby face so it's hard to pinpoint the age. He was a strong man with a big heart.
He wants to tell his girlfriend that the baby will always be under his protection. That he will watch over her and the baby all the time he can. He wants her to know that he was going to propose properly, that they were going to have a beautiful wedding with lots of magnolias (or flowers that look like magnolias), that there was going to be dancing under the stars. He was also going to build a house for her, or really renovate the house they were getting - so that it would be alike to a palace. He loved her very much, and warns other lovers not to take their true loves for granted as he did. He shows me this, he's very good at communicating without words. I would say a spirit this apt has been dead at least five years, or he was already quite psychic in life.
He says "Marquis" is an important way to identify him. He wasn't a marquis. He may be referring to a theater marquis- he worked at a theater for a while. Movie or live show, I don't know, I'm leaning towards movie.
He says he's always with his father, learning from him still. There's so much to learn after death.. it's only a beginning that will make you fall to your knees when you see how much there is to do After.
Escobar is also against smoking, so maybe he died of lung cancer?

If you know Escobar, talk aloud. Call his name and speak with him. He's always watching his loved ones. Although he's a ghost, a very happy ghost, he's always present and always trying to help you. He also hears when you tell funny stories about his "campo" ? (Now I'm going to google Campo)

It's great to have Escobar around. Yep ghosts can be in more places than one or two at any given time.