Monday, November 25, 2013

The Grabber, Part 2 - Update

It took some time for me to build the courage to look at the Grabber long enough to get a sketch. I scanned the sketch and hope to convey the body shape, the strange skewed head shape, and the erratic lines that terminate his form.
I was worried that focusing on him would call his attention to me some more, but luckily it had the opposite effect.

Not a great sketch, but it's extremely hard to draw something you're not seeing just with your eyes. The Grabber isn't a manifesting spirit, so the Other sense sees him like echolocation or like feeling a statue in the dark and then drawing what it looks like.

He has progressed in communicating. Last time the Grabber was doing what his name suggests - grabbing me. No speech, no communication of any sort.

Now we have a name: Alan/Alain/Allen
And he said one more word: ataxia (muscle dysfunction symptom of various illnesses such as ALS, MS, etc.)

That's all he said. Now he's a little more quiet and reserved. But his behavior has changed. He's gone from grabbing and pushing me (amongst other minor aggressive shows) to shifting his attention to my partner. He "kneels" (his body doesn't move like the living) by the bedside of my partner and listens to him sleep - sometimes whispering or speaking into his ear as he slumbers. I have told my partner and asked him if he recalls dreams or feels strange - so far no dreams recalled. I haven't noticed a change in his behavior (my partner) but I am keeping a watch.

Allen's energy is erratic at best. For some reason I sense his left shoulder more than anything else, and see there are freckle-like spots on them.. hard to draw as they move, shift, and even his musculature moves around. His face moves and changes shape, usually a skewed and coarse angle. The energy surrounding him is dark, like a shadow, yet electric. Black lightening. His skin is very, very soft - the softest skin I can imagine - but it's firm. He can be slightly warm or very cold.

He's naked, barefoot, as far as I can tell. He is not 100% there - as there are parts of him missing. Spirits do this when they don't think about a part of their projection - more on that later. Gotta split and rest.

Sorry I haven't been posting as much, I'm dealing with a lot right now and hope to post more soon. I have many things I'd like to share with you soon :)